• NetGuy wrote on Kathi Kaminski’s Wall 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    It’s great to see you here sister. I hope you will be extremely blessed.

    • Thank you! Looking forward to see whats all here!

    • Kathi we are growing, but there is still a lot in place already. I know that many people are glued to facebook because it’s very pretty there, but this site does work somewhat like that even though it’s not as pretty and we don’t have millions of dollars to spend. I am the programmer, network administrator and everything else here. My heart is to serve and bless people. I think the real saints of Elohim will migrate here because they value the content more than things that please the eye. By the way, I am honored to have you here. If you and I were local to each other, we would be spending this Sabbath together along with anyone else who might be local and in the faith.

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