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    I grew up in a hostile environment with a narcissistic dad who destroyed his family, went through several marriages and blamed it on all those women, never his inability to choose a good woman. He drove his children away and barely any of them talk to him at all any more. I stay in touch at a distance, a very far expanse. When my children were little he happened to come visit on Sabbath as my children were taking turns sitting on my lap and I was opening books to them and teaching them. Something my dad NEVER did with us. My mom spent time with my sister and I when we were little. I have good memories of my mom. The memories I had of my dad were memories of abuse. No good memories. As my dad stopped to visit one Sabbath and observed my time with my children (No, I did not stop on his appearance, my family is priority) He said to my children, “You love your daddy, don’t you?” They didn’t hesitate and with an immediate answer both of my girls together echoed a resounding, “YES!” I don’t wish to boast on myself because it is the Father in Heaven who gave me this kind of love and healed me early in life so I could love my family. One time when I had to go to the laundry mat and had my children with me, all of a sudden they began dancing around the laundromat and singing a song they made up themselves. They were singing, “I love my daddy!!!” over and over. I melted, Other people in the laundromat broke out in smiles. It is memories like this that make me happy to be a dad.

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