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    Although I have great compassion on what happened during 9/11, let’s not get so stuck on that we cannot move forward lest we are stymied. I mean, common, this is at least a generation later right? I still remember driving to work and hearing on the radio the police were on the tarmac, my lady friend calling me in panic wonder if I had heard and I had only left her less than a half hour ago. It all happened very quickly and all this while I had just filled my vehicle with gas across the road from Niagara Falls Airport and the Niagara Falls Air-force base. It’s all clear as a bell in my mind, sudden calls to my cell phone as I looked straight ahead of me at the Air force base that was scrambling already.

    I followed up on it later, still went to work that day. Watched the videos from every side, but come on people, put history aside okay? Is not our Elohim greater than all we have encountered? Let’s move on and trust our Heavenly Father.

    Do you know what? We are faced with greater things ahead. If you think 9/11 was the ultimate, you haven’t seen anything yet. Prophecy reveals this. If you can’t let 9/11 go, more than likely you will take the mark of the beast. Wake up people, I’m serious. Start to grow some thicker skin or the next scene on the spiritual horizon will turn you over to HaSatan. Which side are you on anyway?

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