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    Empathic women need to learn how to set boundaries and limits. Take your time. I am taking a really close look at Queen Esther and how it took a year to turn a country girl into a queen. She had to learn etiquette, proper language, how to entertain the King’s heads of state and dignitaries. She also underwent beauty treatments to soften her hardened skin and remove calluses from her hands and feet. She also learned how to please her King. He in turn was willing to grant her wishes!
    A woman must learn to be the Queen of her household how to set boundaries and limits. She also needs to learn how to please her King if there is one. If not she certainly needs to manage her money and her family.
    I will never be abused again. A true queen would never allow such behavior. The Bible calls them silly women and it calls narcisstic people, fools who resent correction. Purim is coming up, Queen Esther was extremely courageous! 👑

    • Good words. Men need to set boundries also since they can be victims of abuse as well. I had to learn that a long time ago and when an abusive parent tramples those boundaries they may have to decide if they need to remove that parent from their life.

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