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    The nice thing about where I live is because I live in an apartment complex I don’t have to worry about children dressed up as demons on Helloween coming to my door and asking for tricks or treats. When I lived in a mobile home I parked my truck real close to the side of the home near the steps so hopefully they could not get to the door. And I…[Read more]

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    Welcome to the site Viv, I hope you are blessed and encouraged here.

  • Messiah called us to be servants. He also told us not to be called Rabbi (Hebrew for Master and Teacher) that he alone is our Rabbi. I am merely his representative, I am only a servant because of his great mercy. He taught us that as men we are all equal, none above the other. Those who elevate themselves will be abased while those who humble…[Read more]

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    What a great blessing to have you here my sister and friend. May you be blessed in all that happens here that will build you up continually in the faith. Shalom and blessings.

  • Wisdom is not a state of brilliance you figured out. Wisdom is a state of being you have experienced through spiritual maturity.

  • @thefaithoncedeliveredministries

    James 3:13-18 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)
    13 Who among you is wise and understanding? Let him demonstrate it by his good way of life, by actions done in the humility that grows out of wisdom. 14 But if you harbor in your hearts bitter jealousy and selfish ambition, don’t boast and attack the truth with lies! 15 T…[Read more]

  • Many people have their outer world, or visual world so clean and organized that they think they are righteous. Some of the people who are the cleanest externally are the most decrepit on the inside. Messiah told us to cleanse the inside of the cup and the whole thing would be clean. Never judge by outward appearance.

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    @royalhadassah Welcome to the site. Please post a message and introduce yourself.

    • Hi, This is Hadassah, and I live in Toronto, Canada.
      I’m so happy to have discovered your site, by the grace of The Most High.
      I’ve been a born-again believer in Yeshua for a very long time, but quite discontented with main stream church, so for a number of years I’ve been just visiting sometimes, while praying and waiting for Abba Father to…[Read more]

      • Glad to have you here, that’s why we are here. I started this site to bless people and offer a place of fellowship to those who do not have a local fellowship. The groups on this site are owned and operated by members on this site. Some of them are operated by myself and the site administration, but we are here to bless people and make everyone…[Read more]

        • Hi Steve, thank you for your reply and for your ministry. I am looking forward to fellowshipping with you all. I’ve joined some of the groups, including the one in my area I mentioned earlier. I hope they are still active and that they are able to connect with me soon. God bless you my brother. Have a blessed evening.

          • I want to bless you so deeply that even though it will not parallel Messiahs Love, it will be so great that you would never expect anything could come out of anyone in the flesh.

  • Messiah's_Love posted an update 4 months ago

    Submitting to Authority is not contingent upon that Authority being right or wrong. Submitting to Authority is the commandment given to us by Our Father in heaven. When you disobey his commandment to submit to Authority because you think they are wrong you are disobeying Our Father in heaven and that makes you wrong.

  • Messiah's_Love posted an update 4 months ago

    Scripture tells us that Sabbath keeping is a sign that we are the people of Elohim.

  • When you hurl dung at me it only helps me improve and as I take it well the Father blesses me, I will not do it in return because you are not worthy of the blessing.

  • Would you prefer to be a member of a social networking site let under the power of the Holy Spirit? Or would you prefer to be a member social networking sites that are led by the devil? It\’s your choice.

  • Good things are happening on this site. We have caught the attention of major search engines and other social networking sites. Some good some bad. Google indexes our site regularly and communicates with us through email. That is a good thing. Facebook has been searching this website also but based on what we know about them we blocked their IP…[Read more]

  • I don’t mean to offend or be graphic and I will try and put this as nicely as I can. Elohim was angry with the sinners in Sodom and Gomorrah because that part of another person the men were using to satisfy themselves was not made for that purpose. Also, they left the natural use of the woman. Nicely put, peg A goes into hole B, not hole C or D.…[Read more]

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