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    A contentious woman is condemned in scripture.

    A contentious woman is a narcissist. In relationships and in marriage she will have continual arguments.

    Proverbs 21:9 – It is better to live in a corner of a roof Than in a house shared with a contentious woman.

    Proverbs 25:24 – It is better to live in a corner of the roof Than in a house shared with a contentious woman.

    Proverbs 27:15 – A constant dripping on a day of steady rain And a contentious woman are alike;

    Proverbs 19:13 – A foolish son is destruction to his father, And the contentions of a wife are a constant dripping.

    What does this look like? It is to be consistently argumentative, quarrelsome, and full of strife. It is not just occasionally disagreeing, but being disagreeable. It is picking a fight even when there is really no actual fundamental disagreement.

    I’m not talking about normal disagreements, but a spirit of being generally disagreeable to everything, picking fights when there is none to pick, calling black white and then switch and calling white black – generally full of strife.

    A contentious wife will typically have one of 4 results:

    A marriage full of arguments, if the husband takes a stand
    The husband tiptoeing around so as not to trigger a reaction in his wife
    A husband being dominated by his wife
    The husband finding a way to spend all of his time outside the home

    A contentious wife likely has narcissism / insolent pride as the root cause. The logic for this is as follows:

    Scoffers are (=) Contentious (Proverbs 22:10)
    Those with Insolent Pride are (=) Scoffers (Proverbs 21:24)
    Narcissists are those with insolent pride.

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