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    When a body becomes a business, what do you call that? Most call it prostitution. So I have a question for you. Is your church incorporated?

    The Greek word in our Bible, ekklesia used for “church” was never used to describe a physical edifice. In scripture there was never a president who was appointed to rule over the congregations. The head of the congregations is Yeshua and they are lead by the Holy Spirit. The congregation is to be lead by a Bishop and Elders, this is the biblical model.
    The apostate church employs leaders who after going to school and passing exams are able to hold credentials, however in the early congregation the true believers and apostles were unlearned and lead solely by the Holy Spirit. Neither was the ministry a career move as it is in the apostate churches of our day. Leaders in the apostate church have elevated themselves above the laity and do not hear the true servants of Elohim. They do not have ears to hear or eyes to see.
    Ekklesia is not a part of this world, nor does it submit to the ways of this world as the lukewarm, apostate churches do. Those who are Ekklesia have left the apostate church, they have come out of Babylon.

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