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    The narcissist is never wrong. They believe they are entitled to everything. They will brag and step over anything or anyone along their path to get the things they want. This disorder doesn’t allow for the person to have a rational moral compass. They aren’t sensitive to anyone’s feelings.

    I had another narcissist today I encountered and he lost !!! ha ha! It took me a lot of years to figure it out, but when you understand their psyche you no longer need to be their victim! He was the general contractor on the job and he got no where with me. By the time I got done with him he was the one walking off the job. I had a talk with my boss and he promised not to put me in that situation again. That’s why I love the company I work for, my boss gets it and I don’t have to take that garbage from anyone at my job. It’s abuse, plain and simple. I was very kind to the man, but when he over stepped his bounds, just as I do any narcissist, I looked him square in the eye and kindly told him that I am packing up and leaving. Please talk to my boss after this.

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