• Steve Caswell posted an update 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    After the super bowl was over I caught wind through FB that it had been this past Sunday. I had no clue since I have no desire to watch such a Narcissistic, evil game.

    I had been catching wind of the news about the Super Bowl halftime show and so I went to find a video of it and I hardly got into it at all and it was so sexually provocative I had to shut it down and leave. This is just Within two or three minutes I’m guessing. Although I didn’t time it. The Super Bowl itself is evil and when I saw these women in the moves that they make and showing a lot of skin it reveals the condition of this country and the people in it. How are we making America great if we condone evil and allow sexual provocation in public? How do we think America’s great if we no longer have morals? How do we think we’re going to keep America great if all we want is to indulge in the flesh and feed our eyes and our ears? How do we think we are making America great when we enjoy watching sin and we call that entertainment? How do we think we are moving ahead and becoming better when the entertainment we enjoy comes straight from the pit of Hell?

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