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    True forgiveness is unconditional and independent of a change in the offending party.

    Forgiving a person allows you to see them for who they really are and always will be and not who you want them to be. Once you understand that, you can make a better decision as to whether they should be a part of your life or not.

    Forgiveness is a very complex term. When you forgive someone, it means that you no longer hold a grudge, anger, bad feelings, and much, much more against them. It means that you feel so good with yourself that you just put things behind in order to move forward. When you forgive, you liberate yourself and the other person. That does not mean the person has to be in your life again. After all, you let go and liberated that person from their guilt and liberated yourself from the grudge. You always get to choose who enters your kingdom.

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