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Thank you for visiting this site. I began early online bringing social networking sites to fellow believers on my first domain I registered in November of 1996. We didn’t know it as “Social Networking” and it was simply known as an interactive site. It grew quite well and reached people and we grew together in Messiah. I have been doing this work for awhile now and over the years the internet has changed drastically.

I started my computer programing course when we had the old 486DX computers with Windows 3.1 and first got online when the first computers with Windows 95 became available in August of 1995 and even though I could go into the dynamics of that, I’ll say that quite a lot has changed since then and I never expected to have the speed and capabilities we have now. Even before I got online I remember thinking that I had no idea what was out there, but whatever it is I want to use it for the glory of Elohim. I began with a vision even without knowing what was ahead. That vision continues to grow even though many times since I started I have had to start new websites, register new domains and develop a lot more. But I love doing this work and I never grow weary of it.

My full time work is in drywall and I have been a successful drywall finisher for over 25 years. As I am growing older (I will be 62 years soon) it is wearing on me and is hard to keep up and so I hope to make computer work and internet work my vocation. My dream has been to go into full time ministry without making the ministry a business. I just don’t believe in doing that. I have established other means that could potentially support me full time such as a web hosting company at Chosen Web Host. I am also serving as a Bronze Team Leader through the largest affiliate company in the world. On my own site I also offer an award winning affiliate plan and on both of these sites I also help people to earn money working at home. I have clients on my web hosting company who are helping offset expenses, but I still pour my own money into this. I run my own internet servers so my sites are more secure and only I see my data bases and member base.

I do all of this single handedly. I outsource some things because I can only do so much myself. I do not have employees and I do not maintain a staff of money hungry people who want to get rich in computer work. I live a very meager lifestyle myself and my company office consumes just a small corner of my living room at home. My internet servers are housed in a data center remotely where there is security and other safe guards in place.

I am not here to get rich, I just want to live a productive lifestyle, to bless people and help them along life’s journey. I earn a little money online and I pour all if it back into my work. I am hoping that eventually I will earn enough to supplement my income and also carry me through retirement when I reach that point. I have spent a lot of years working to bless people because of what our Father in Heaven has equipped me with in talents and gifts. I am hoping there are a few people out there who want to give in return. We are a body, jointly fit, or at least we are supposed to be.

And so what I have to offer to share freely, in anything I offer that will show you how to work from home, I do not charge money. Anybody who charges money for such things as far as I am concerned is not legitimate.

Through the Affiliate program I am part of I currently have 348 people at the time of this article that I am teaching. It’s a program that grows slowly and is not a pie in the sky get rich quick scheme. It is a legitimate work at home business and is not often heard of because it is legitimate. I don’t have to go into a long writing to convince people to try this because I’m in it and I know it works. You can take a look at it, even try it and registration is free. And there are not monthly requirements to spend money. That’s one of the best things I like about it. Every day there are around 3,000 people from all over the world who join, each day, not each month. So that alone has to tell you something. It grows slowly and finding success in it is like running a marathon, you won’t see results quickly and it will mean you need to work it every day and trust the system and the people like me who are team leaders and teaching other people about this. I know it’s hard to understand the concept because we have become so accustomed to working a job and getting a pay check each week. This is not one of those types of business. But I can honestly tell you that there are multimillionaires in this business. I don’t plan on even being a millionaire, I just want a little extra income and I am not going to share a lot of fluff and pie in the sky promises to you. I am a realist, a down to earth person and I know if a dummy like me is #1 in my class out of about 3,000 other people, there has to be something to this. I don’t feel I need to say more, if you want a bit more to help you pay the bills, and I won’t kid you, a little money to spend each month to build this although money is not required and you only spend money when you want to, I would say it would be advantageous for you to check this out. You can opt out anytime, not pressure and no empty promises. You simply make of it what you put into it. Fair enough?

Take your time and read my landing page, check it out and then register free. I will be there to help you and give you the best of my knowledge.

This is my landing page where you can join my team.

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