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I hope you all had a good Sabbath and have enjoyed the weekend.

Many of you already know that I’m busy finding ways to earn money online. I don’t jump on just anything but only on things that I know that have a chance of working. Awhile back I had been in a site but at the time I was operating my own drywall company and that took priority. But now that I’m semi retired and have a little time on my hands I got involved again because I really like the site. Just within an hour I got a lot of stuff done on it even though people were telling me it can be overwhelming and take some time. Well, I suppose it could be but it would depend on how you think about it. As soon as I registered again there was an unlimited number of people who quickly answered any questions I posted. There is a live chat stream on the right side of the page and it’s really cool because you can talk to other people there. You can even send the owner a message any time you want. Support I found to be top notch!

So whether you are look to earn a full time income or a little extra this is a good place. They even allow you to create your own blog on the site and it’s very easy to do. I already started mine. I really like the ability to choose my hours when I want to work and work how I want to work. This is not like a job where you have deadlines and demands, it’s your business and you make the choices. The morning commute was really easy! Once I got my cup of coffee it took me 5 seconds to get to work, walking from the coffee pot to the computer! I didn’t have to use my vehicle or buy gasoline!

The best part is that it is free to join. And if anyone just decides they want to leave after they join, they can do so at any time. I really hope you will join also, I would love your feed back so I can learn your perspective as well. I think it’s a great site but would love your opinion as well. Would love to see you there, just point your browser at I’ll be there to help you!

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