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I’ll provide a link at the bottom where you can get started in this business immediately. Registration is free and I will also train you for free. Don’t worry about the acronyms I use right now. You will learn those once you join my team.

This is a bit longer than I usually write, but this is a success plan for people on a budget that will get you to EA every month. I’ll also show you how to shave off money every month once you have built a team of your own. I hope you will read all of this, it has a lot of valuable information for you.

As we build our team and sponsor people, after a year we will see some of those people removed from SFI for being idle. That’s okay, don’t allow it to bother you. It’s kind of a filtering of better things to come. You will see that as you sponsor people, a certain number of those people will remain active to different degrees. So each year as the idle people are removed you continue to build a team every month so eventually you have a lot of active people as well as more EA’s, BTL’s and more. What we want are active people because we know if they are idle they will produce nothing for us.

Everyone should maintain at least EA to become successful in this business. Although it is not required from SFI, I think of it as placing certain standards on myself so I can make this work. And even if you have to spend money every month to become EA, it’s a very low cost in comparison to many other businesses. I think about how much I spend on non-essentials which many of us do because we like a bit of entertainment and fun things in our life, right? Do you know that unsuccessful people will not do what successful people do? That’s why they remain unsuccessful. But successful people have become successful because they are willing to make some sacrifices along the way to discover success.

Do you think I became Silver Team Leader because I have a lot of money? Quite the contrary, many people on my team have much more money than I do and live in far better homes. I’ve simply made some sacrifices that helps me have the money to build my SFI business.

I like to leverage my business and I will teach you how to do this. They’ve already wanted me to take their Payoneer card. I have chosen rather to turn the money I earn each month back into the business so this business will will cost me less each month and actually pay for itself eventually. So even if you become EA and you do do this by purchasing TCredits – 125 pack (SFI Affiliates Only) on Auto Delivery this is only $36.25 per month. You can use the TCredits how you want, to buy more things. Now you can use the TCredits you bought from SFI to buy PSA’s from vendors on TripleClicks and is one of the most affordable means to gain the VP you need to reach EA. This is the only time I would buy PSA’s from an outside vendor even though the top people in my team came in through my blog and I will tell you more about this and how to get your own. This way you are not spending more money because you can use your TCredits as virtual currency on the TripleClicks store. If you bought a large coffee every day of the month, 6 days a week it would cost you $50 or more. I stopped buying coffee out so I have money to build my SFI business. I also stopped spending money on entertainment and such things. And now, after less than a year in SFI I spend less each month because what I earned the month before, I use to purchase what I need to gain the VP I need to reach my level consistently every month. Also, as you spend your TCredits, you will earn Rewardicals. You can trade these for VP, TCredits, PSA’s, CSA’s and even money if you have enough of them.

You can get a free blog also and build an internet presence. Just search for “free blog” online. No, it won’t be as professional as having your own domain with all the bells and whistles, but when we were little we had to crawl before we could walk. Eventually, when you become BTL as long as my Leadership Page has not discontinued this incentive, I will give you a free blog site with hosting for one year. You only need to pay for your domain name.

To summarize, for less than 26 large cups of coffee monthly, you can become a professional marketer as an Executive Affiliate with SFI and begin building a residual income for life. I know that once I quit my day job at full retirement, my boss won’t keep sending checks. But my SFI business will still be here bringing money month after month, year after year as long as I live. It would be great to have you on this journey for the long haul. This is a marathon that only those who endure will win. I’m here as your coach who is already realizing the dream SFI offers. You can do it if you believe you can. Just Join my team.

To your success,
Steve Caswell
Silver Team Leader (Designated Diamond)

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