The peace that passes all understanding

Only through the Ruach (Hebrew for Holy Spirit) can we ever find true peace. This site was started as a point of fellowship for people to find Messiah in a new way. A way that brings peace and assurance. We are surrounded by so many things in this world that brings us down and we need a place to tap into Messiah, a way to discover all that he brings to us. We encourage everyone to seek him diligently and through others who are growing who know the peace he brings as well.

Our Father in Heaven wants to give us his best. He is not the author of confusion and wants us to have peace within. We will not find peace in this world because this world does not bring peace. But Yeshua the Messiah came to set us free from every weight that would beset us. To take us to places that only Eagles soar. We can find that as we remain in Messiah, because outside of him we can do nothing.