Many Have Been Deceived

Many have been duped, mislead, deceived. Now admit it if you are one of them after reading this article. Next, unlearn the lies. Have you seen those photos of a tall white man with a beard and long hair they call Jesus who they claim is the Messiah? If so you have been duped, mislead and deceived. Those were photos of someone else, Messiah’s name is not Jesus, and he didn’t have long hair. Read the scriptures. NO, I didn’t say your Bible, I said, read the scriptures. Your Bible is a translation of the original scriptures. Oh, did you fall for that also thinking your Bible is not flawed? Sorry, hate to throw that in but it’s true. If you don’t understand the original languages, go to a Greek or Hebrew interlinear. Stop believing memes and other things that show a white man (Yes Messiah was white) with a beard and long hair wearing a dress. Stop being deceived by all the garbage you read on Facebook as though this is Bible school, come on, are you for real?

Messiah’s name in Hebrew is Yehoshua, his name in short was Yeshua. Just like William with the shortened version, Bill. You were okay with that one right without questioning it? What if someone told you that Bill’s name is really Verkosius? Would you fall for that too like you fell for being told Messiah’s name is Jesus?

If I called you Buport but your name is Calvin, would you think I am wacky? But when people called Yeshua, Jesus, why don’t you think they are wacky? Yet you insist Messiah’s name is Jesus which has only been around for about 400 years. How long ago was Messiah here? About 2,000 years right? And you still don’t get this? Even the original KJV didn’t use the name Jesus. Oh, you probly didn’t know that either even though you think you know so much. You probly didn’t do your homework from 500 years ago, or did you? If not, I can’t help you, I’m sorry.

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