Steve Caswell

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  • Most people don’t know what being tender hearted really means. My mom showed me that when I was just a little guy., Thank Elohim for tender hearted moms!

  • Men, understand the needs of your woman. And yet, never allow her to dominate you. Never give her the power entrusted to you by the Father, remember, you are the head. But by all means listen to her needs that are reasonable and grant any reasonable request knowing that the Father is also gracious to you. If she is reasonable, and you are…[Read more]

  • Life is fragile. Be careful how you treat those you consider friends.

  • If you cannot control your tongue, then neither can you rule your own spirit.

    If you use vulgarity in your speech, how do you think people around you will trust anything else that comes out of your mouth? Do you not know that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks?

    If you have used vulgarity and have been told by another person the…[Read more]

  • I wish more people would grow in the love of Messiah. It is better to have his love than it is to think you have great knowledge or wealth. Love is the most important thing. Seek after love.

  • Your age does not define your maturity. Many people who are old have yet to mature.

  • Don\’t believe everything you think.

  • It is great to see you here. May the Father be edified and glorified through our interaction. I hope your live is blessed always because of the redemptive power of THE WAY – Yeshua!

  • Only the Jezebel spirit demands that the man follow her. The righteous woman (Remember Ruth?) follows the man.

  • Immature people let things bother them and eat away at them. Their heart is not yet perfected in love. mature people have discovered the love of Messiah and think the best of other people.

  • My dear friend and sister I count it an honor to have you on this site. May you be blessed and encouraged always.

  • In our flesh we want to become strong in many different ways. Whether by elevating our voice or using physical strength but real strength only comes in love and is the strength that helps us gain the victory.

  • We often view CSA’s as something that is not lucrative. Just as we see a penny on the ground and think it’s not worthwhile to bend up and pick up any more. Let’s put it into perspective. SFI is built on the perspective of a penny doubled every day. And not that it’s that systematic, the ideology behind it is the key principle here.

    What if you…[Read more]

  • Some people don\’t love you because your righteous spirit aggravates their demons.

  • The man as the head of his home needs to take care of every need of his family. Not only financially, but emotionally and keeping the home up to date so it functions properly. A righteous man will do these things automatically. And will be diligent in doing so. Just because the woman is the homemaker, does nto mean the man can’t do anything in…[Read more]

  • Imagine the flat earth being flooded for 40 days and 40 nights; hahaha lol, get your story right flat earthers.
    — by Adrian Alvarez