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  • Been studying quite a bit. I think I told you that I am raising two of my grandchildren that are of my NPD daughter. The 12 y.o. is ADD while the 14 y.o. is ‘extreme’ ADHD. Over the years as I came to know myself through therapy and my study in Yahuah’s Word and became able to control myself. But also, I learned there were more member of my…[Read more]

  • Hello NetGuy, I haven’t yet had a chance to look this site over as we have been concerned with matters within our own little FB/Chat group.
    I will call her by her Chat nickname here for now, Elexxsis. Although she will not accepted the titles of Leader or Teacher, she has been the magnet that brought us together. She is very ill at this moment.…[Read more]

    • Hey Patrick, I am so sorry to hear about Alexxsis. Mostly, I simply view myself as a servant here and I pray that Messiah is our Master here on the site. I view myself as a nobody and simply somebody that people can turn to for some comfort and to talk to. I am a web developer and web designer and although I set the site up and started it it does…[Read more]

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    Thank you Net Guy. I am part of a small group on FB and Paltalk and are here just looking things over. We are not Messianic though. We ate Natsarim for lack of a better word. We follow Tanach and Second Writings.

  • Shalum all followers of Yahusha ha’Mashyach

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