• Patrick L Carmichael posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Hello NetGuy, I haven’t yet had a chance to look this site over as we have been concerned with matters within our own little FB/Chat group.
    I will call her by her Chat nickname here for now, Elexxsis. Although she will not accepted the titles of Leader or Teacher, she has been the magnet that brought us together. She is very ill at this moment. 2 years ago, they found a brain tumor resting on her optical nerve and removed it. She was fine until she started getting the same symptoms 6 months ago. The tumor had grow back. They went in again and removed it, but this time, her recovery did not go as well as the first.
    Surgery was three weeks ago and they released her, but she has repeatedly went back to the E.R. with different problems. And this last monday/yom ha’sheine she went back and they transferred the the main hospital with symptoms of Menengitis. Since then, I have heard many different stories and have not talked with Lex for several days. I think there is something the family is not telling us.
    I would ask you and all of the people here to please lift Elexxsis up in prayer. I will try to keep you abreast of what is going on.
    (Please pass this along to the rest of the people on here as I am not quite sure how to do it myself).


    • Hey Patrick, I am so sorry to hear about Alexxsis. Mostly, I simply view myself as a servant here and I pray that Messiah is our Master here on the site. I view myself as a nobody and simply somebody that people can turn to for some comfort and to talk to. I am a web developer and web designer and although I set the site up and started it it does not mean I am a rabbi by any stretch of the imagination. Messiah is our Rabbi and I want to promote him above all things. I am merely his servant and someone who is a fellow servant with you that hopes to gain entry into his Everlasting Kingdom. In no way do I wish to promote myself or elevate myself above anybody else. I am a servant and that’s all I seek after before Messiah. So this is what I submit to all the members here that I am simply your fellow servant. What we seek after here is Messiah and his soon coming and eternal Kingdom. Shalom my friend. May Adonai bless you and keep you and make his face to shine on you and Grant you shalom.

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