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  • True forgiveness is unconditional and independent of a change in the offending party.

    Forgiving a person allows you to see them for who they really are and always will be and not who you want them to be. Once you understand that, you can make a better decision as to whether they should be a part of your life or not.

    Forgiveness is a very…[Read more]

  • A guy had bought two tickets for the Super Bowl months ahead of time. He paid $1,000 each for them. Then later found out it was on the same day of his wedding. So he ran ads to find someone who could fill in for him. He told them, it’s at the church on the corner of Ninth and Cedar and her name is Tiffany.

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    Rev 18:4-5 TS2009 4 And I heard another voice from the heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. 5 “Because her sins have piled up to reach the heaven, and Elohim has remembered her unrighteousnesses.

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    Rev 14:6-7 TS2009 6 And I saw another messenger flying in mid-heaven, holding the everlasting Good News to announce to those dwelling on the earth, even to every nation and tribe and tongue and people, 7 saying with a loud voice, “Fear Elohim and give esteem to Him, because the hour of His judgment has come. And worship Him who made the heaven a…[Read more]

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    Zec 1:3 TS2009 “And you shall say to them, ‘Thus said יהוה of hosts, “Turn back to Me,” declares יהוה of hosts, “and I shall turn back to you,” declares יהוה of hosts.

  • I want to share my life with you and this world.

  • Don’t put your trust in Donald John Trump. Do I like him? You betcha! Do I worship him? Not in the slightest imagination of the mind. Is he a brilliant business man? You betcha! Is he a babe in Messiah? Not in the slightest imagination of the mind. Is he doing great things for our country? You betcha! Is he the ruler of this world? Not in the…[Read more]

  • The meekest people are the strongest people.

  • Run to those who love you and build you up. There is power in love.

  • When people say if Elohim can use a donkey they can use them. Allow me to remind you that I’m the Jackass they are referring to. LoL

  • You can be doing absolutely nothing wrong and doing many things right according to scripture. However a toxic person will find fault through the resources of their own sick mind.

  • 12 Signs You’re Dealing With A Malignant Narcissist

    12 Signs You’re Dealing With A Malignant Narcissist

    • There’s also a spiritual side to this disorder. Many believers have seen the demonic side to this. Secular therapists can’t understand spiritual aspects. These people steel, kill, and destroy. I’ve seen it up close and personal after staying too long in marriage. They are toddlers in an adult body, which is why you can’t reason with them.…[Read more]

      • Exactly right that they are toddlers in an adult body. I’ve seen it in my dad when I left his land once and recently walked out of his life. Even Messiah told us not to be involved with this world, even it is our parents.

      • I want to add that the Narcissistic mindset is contrary to everything righteous. It is a very worldly mindset in fact and I am convinced there is not a narcissist that is filled with the Holy Spirit. For if that ever happened they would have to be healed of their narcissism. In the book of Jude we are also told that a person with a critical spirit…[Read more]

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  • I went thru trauma as a child, my dad was an abusive alcoholic. I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD & Stockholm Syndrome. I forgave him, lots he doesn’t recall. I love my dad a lot, and pray for him. I’ve learned to distance myself from him though for my own good. We talk often I just don’t go visit very often because the lifestyle he lives doesn’t…[Read more]

    • I don’t see my dad very often either. It’s been over two years. I will probly spend less time on the phone with him also, especially after what he did yesterday.

  • Malignant Narcissism is Dangerous
    Don’t allow the malignant Narcissist to get under your skin.

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  • Avoid Fifth Generation (5G) technology at all costs.

  • When I was on Fartbook I noticed they removed a lot of my good posts claiming it goes against their community standards. Things like \”There is power in love.\” How could that be wrong? It\’s no wonder I\’m pulling off there slowly and deleting pages.

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