This site is authored by a man who escaped the prison of pain and fear, it's a journey of a man abused since he was a baby into his adult life by a Narcissistic (NPD) dad who was a pastor who destroyed his entire family and had multiple marriages.
I would encourage you to thoroughly search out the references given. I'm not claiming perfection in my understandings, abilities, or practices. I'm only desiring the truth...and the grace from above to walk it out.

This is a place which is dedicated to serving all who seek to worship and serve the Heavenly Father in Spirit and Truth.

The materials on this website are written to bless, enlighten and encourage. It's not my intent to condemn anyone or promote any man or denomination.

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Shalom Tube

Mother of 7 Fighting Cancer needs help with costs.
~Need prayers and support~
As some of you know I've been having some health issues. I have cancer in my lungs, brain, and skin. My heart is calcified and having arythmia, my liver is very congested all my organs are in distress and only functioning at about 20% I also have a lot of heavy metals in me this is all from the unnatural things I've used & put into my body before making the changes I did 3 years ago had I not have made those changes I would not be here still. I'm going to fight this corruption and plan to gain total wellness! I love you all

I am here to bless people and share scripture to everyone who wants to know more. Let's seek Messiah together and learn more about him. Let's always be humble, gentle and peaceful as we interact.

Steve Caswell on YouTube
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