Thank you for your interest in advertising on Messiah’s People. We understand that advertising budgets are limited and you need all of the effective exposure you can get for your dollar. We understand that you need results and desire a highly focused, targeted and motivated audience for your product, service or message. This is why we offer an advertising program which will put your custom tailored message out to our membership on a frequent basis and strategically placed format. More importantly, our membership consists of a highly targeted demographic community of faith based people.

Link advertising is affected by Page Rank, or PR. The higher the PR for a website, usually the higher the advertising costs. Messiah’s People is brand new and currently has a PR of 1.2/10 which means our advertising costs are low.

If your message is appropriate for our community then our website can deliver the kind of exposure and visibility you are looking for. The ease of use and well designed navigation structure allows community users to bounce from page to page, viewing multiple ads without degrading their experience. On the contrary, our sponsors products, services and events provide relevant information for our users and we encourage them to take advantage of this.

Please note that all advertising can also be targeted to a specific geographical area- i.e. An advertisement for a local congregation in the Atlanta, GA area can be targeted to only internet users in the Atlanta metropolitan Area if you so desire.

We at Messiah’s People are accountable to a higher power and are very strict when it comes to advertising content and language. You may not advertise on Messiah’s People unless your message, product, event, corporation, etc. meets our standards. We reserve the right to deny any individual or corporation advertising service on this website based on our standards of ethics and morals. We are a unique organization and prefer to promote quality messages to the body of Messiah.

We specifically use the Google Adwords program which enables advertisers to either show up on keyword related websites or on specific websites of your choice. If you are knowledgeable of Google Adwords, you can simply add the URL to your Google Adwords bidding account and you will show up on our site! The higher your bid is, the more exposure you will get on Messiah’s People.

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Thank you once again for considering Messiah’s People to promote your message.

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