Suspenders (Humor)

I heard this on the radio today driving home from work as I turned into a Christian radio station. Even though I don’t listen to Christian radio very often I happen to tune into it today. This is one of the things I heard on there.

Ken Davis, author and inspirational speaker, tells the following story:

A man gunned the engine of his Harley Davidson at a red light as an elderly man on a lime green moped pulled up beside him.

“Mind if I take a closer look?” The old man said.

He leaned his face right over the bike and examined every inch. The old man grinned and said to the biker, “I bet it goes FAST.”

With that said the biker gave it full throttle, and in 30 seconds, the speedometer read 80 mph. In his mirror he noticed a dot that was growing larger.

It was the old man on the lime green moped. The moped slammed into the rear of the Harley destroying both bikes.The biker knelt beside the old man’s face and softly asked “Is there anything I can do for you?”The old man choked, coughed, and replied “Yes, could you please unhook my suspenders from your handlebars.”

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