Are You Dummified?

Stop thinking that sharing or posting on  social media anywhere. I see too many posts to this effect, my response, “Get serious people and grow in the Holy Spirit.” Too many of you have been electronisized (That’s my word). Most of you don’t even know how to use a shovel or rake any more to actually know the value of working. Not many of you even know how to work with your hands, to grow a garden or get your hands dirty in any way. Don’t know that our very Messiah who taught us worked with his hands? Hello???!
Electronisized – definition: Dummified to think that any electronic transmission will actually have any effect on changing the world around you.
You were born after 1970, right?
Here on we are not mesmerized by the worlds system. Are you still highly active on Fakebook or other such sites who fill your brain with garbage? I hope not.

Is Oral Sex Biblical?

I don’t mean to offend or be graphic and I will try and put this as nicely as I can. Elohim was angry with the sinners in Sodom and Gomorrah because that part of another person the men were using to satisfy themselves was not made for that purpose. Also, they left the natural use of the woman. Nicely put, peg A goes into hole B, not hole C or D. This is also why I am against french kissing, putting our tongue into another persons mouth. I do not believe our mouth should be used in that manner. Kissing is fine, but putting our tongue in another persons mouth goes against what I see in scripture. ’nuff said.

Redeeming the Time

Let us remember in all things to redeem the time, to never forget to love one another and use every opportunity to magnify our Master Yeshuah. For in all things we are nothing unless we remain in him. Let us continue to walk in humility and loving one another as Yeshua showed us in his own life.

Messiah's People
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