Flat Earth Deception

We don’t call people names just because they think Earth is flat. This would be unscriptural and unloving. However, we do need to reveal the truth on this matter. We see that many people who are caught up in the Flat Earth deception Resort to name-calling and blocking people who do not agree with them. This is a great deception because it is not the love of Messiah and neither is it the truth.

It’s important to always remain humble in the unlikely event that we find ourselves wrong. There is enough evidence to show that the Earth is round. There are many flat earthers who think the Bible teaches a flat Earth One in reality it does not. We have to remember that the scriptures were written at a time before those people had the knowledge we do now. And so we have to understand that the way they spoke things and wrote things at that time we’re different than how we speak things and write things. So we have to make sure that we have all the information rather than going by the Limited information so many people do because this is one of the things that creates deception.

This is a link to some photos that reveal the fact that the Earth Is in fact round. Also if you get a telescope and look into the sky on a clear night and look at the other planets you will see that they are in fact round. Earth is no different. The Earth is round and using your own telescope is one of the best ways. Shalom

Evidence the Earth is round

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