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It’s true that were we set our focus is where we will go. Whether that be on spiritual things or not. In today’s world the internet has grown considerably since I first got online in 1996 and began developing websites. I build one of the first social networking sites which we called interactive sites at that time. It became very popular among Christians. We didn’t know about Messianic’s, Hebrew Roots and things like that at the time. Even though I was already a Sabbath keeper, I didn’t understand all the Torah until recent years. And although I am still not a know it all I continue to learn more and seek after truth.

Over my years I have studied much about people and learned about behavior, growth, maturity, integration, etc. Human behavior is multifaceted and very complex. I did some deeper studies into psychology and also paralleled it with scripture only after putting myself through counseling so I could know myself and others better. This is a 25+ year study that has not ended. But scripture makes it much easier than man does because true maturity basically boils down growing in not only love, but the love of the Father. I have learned that when we really love him, we will love his people more also and we won’t desire to be with the people in this world.

I first got on Facebook in 2006 because a lot of my former high school class mates from the Sabbath keeping church I was in were there. I didn’t really seek websites to interact on because I wanted to be with the Ekklesia, but my friend Mike from high school and I were in touch through AIM and he told me about Facebook. So I registered and connected with a lot of people I know from school. In time as I understood scripture more and the Father helped me understand more about Torah, I eventually connected with more like minded believers. I have found it true that when we grow closer to Elohim, we will also have less desire to get involved with anything that belongs to this world. I hear of people joining other social networking sites and exploring those, and I wonder if they have discovered more of the love of Elohim yet? I wonder what point they are at that they still want to be tangled with this world. Granted, we still need to be out there reaching people, but it seems that if we are to get involved with another social networking site, why not one that is owned by a fellow believer and only has the body of Messiah on it? I’m not saying we should leave Facebook or whatever other site we are on, because I know I have reached a lot of people there. But when are focus is on sites owned by the world more than it is on sites owned by fellow believers, I think we might need to examine some things in ourselves. I know I’ve been through this myself and I am not perfect example of shrugging off things I should not be involved in. But through my own journey I have made some progress and am convinced that if we are growing in the Father’s love, we will love his people more also and equally true, shun more of the things in this world. Scripture shows these things to be true.

It doesn’t mean we isolate ourselves from the world, it simply means that our primary focus is on the people of Elohim and our interaction with this world is minimal and only to attempt to redeem them to Elohim.

I hope you are blessed as a member of MessiahsPeople.com The site has been very stable now and I hope to keep it that way. It’s at a point where I am able to work on more and just recently I developed YisraelBook.com which is a news site with social networking. It will serve a different purpose than MessiahsPeople.com as we focus on End Time Prophecy and what is going on in Yisrael.

Stay blessed and encouraged.

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