Keeping The Unity

Scripture teaches us to keep Unity between one another. It teaches us we are ministers of reconciliation. If we are dividing with people over differences we are separating ourselves from the body of Messiah. This is not what scripture teaches us to do. Instead if we think we are right, we better be right out so we fall under condemnation ourselves. Always remain humble because you might be the one who is wrong.

The love of Messiah compels us to love others with the same kind of love he showed to us. Have you ever done anything wrong? Have you ever send? Of course we all have. So if we judge others based on what we think and remove them from our lives then we have become the judge and we have condemned ourselves. This is what scripture teaches us and just as Messiah told the people that were ready to Stone the adulterous during his time, let those who are without sin cast the first stone. Yet so many times so many of us forget this simple truth and we get caught up in a theory or doctrine where we think we are so very right all the while losing sight of the first and second commandments to love the father and our neighbor as ourselves. For if we are truly doing that we would not divide ourselves from the body.


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