Are You Carnal or Spiritual?

If you are so insecure about your appearance that you airbrush your photos or do other things that make you look better than you actually are, it means you do not love yourself for who you are. It also means that there is a good possibility you can’t accept other people for who they are either. If so, you need to do a lot of self examination because you still have not gone through the refiners fire and you need to ask yourself some serious questions.

Here is the first question: “Am I fit for the Father’s Kingdom?” Here is the second one: “If I have not yet cleansed the inside of the cup, has the Father actually called me into his kingdom?” Here is the third question: “If I have not cleansed the inside of the cup, am I really on my way to eternal life?” One last question becore we move onto other considerations, ask yourself this: “Since I have now come to realize I do not have the fruit of the Spirit in me because I am working on my flesh, can I actually acknowledge the Father has not called me?”

You see, the Father calls those who are humble and meek. He doesn’t call people who are pretty or try to make themselves pretty. We already know that if we sew to the flesh, we will reap of the flesh. Only when we walk or sew in the spirit can we expect to reap eternal life. So if you claim to be in Messiah, but you are not comfortable in your flesh so that you have to make it look better in ways that deceive people, ask yourself quietly who you actually serve. Because if you deceive people in photos about how you look, what other ways are you deceiving people? And then ask yourself, who is the master and father of all deception. Do these words hurt? I hope so, because if they do hurt, you have not yet experienced the refiners fire.

It gets much stronger than this. If your life has been so easy that all you worry about is how you look in photos and you live in a comfortable home with a comfortable lifestyle and you have never been homeless, humiliated, scorned, had your family turn on you, been shoved into a dark closet by a parent telling you the rats will get you, and then in the end our Heavenly Father healed you of all those fears and more, you have never once felt the refiners fire. You don’t know what the refiners fire is until you have had a parent beat your head against the wall so hard it put a hole in the wall. Or they hit you over the head with a piece of hardwood that left you almost senseless. And you are sitting there worried if your face is pretty enough!

The stories of abuse and anything I share in my writings are all true and based on real life experiences. And even as extreme as some sound, there are more far worse than what I share because of articles I have read and testimonies from other people. You an research these online at your convenience. If you think you have had it rough, think again and stop worrying about your beauty. Because if you are in fact beautiful, I feel sorry for you. My Messiah had no outward beauty, but he is the most beautiful person who ever walked the face of this planet. Stop working on outward adorning. Because if you are still working on any part of that, I an concerned about your salvation and you should be also.

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