Flat Earth Debunked

Do we have flat earthers on Messiahs people? Yep, we do. And we love them as we do everybody else. We are not here to bash anybody or to block anybody because that is the love of Messiah. To divide from people is not scriptural and is contrary to the love of Messiah and sound Doctrine.

However, scripture does instruct us to share the truth With people and to expose the unfruitful works of darkness. And because the Flat Earth theory has become such a great deception in our time it has become necessary to instruct people in love. When we divide with people that first of all should tell you that it is not Elohim who is involved with that behavior. We know that HaSatan wants to divide people and he is indeed the father of Lies. So when we believe and love a lie it is not Messiah we are serving.

Flat Earth Debunked

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