fakebook is losing people

I remember joining Facebook several years back and even inviting people to the site. It was very good in the beginning and even though there were many ups and downs it was a good situation. However, since they have been getting more things programmed into it we are seeing people who want to share the truth of scripture and Facebook is deleting their posts calling it spam. It is no longer a reliable platform for many people in the faith.

We are inviting more people to our website and hope you will too. We do not have jail here, we do not delete Ministry posts and call them spam. Because we share in the faith once delivered to the Saints we want to offer people a reliable site that has a stable platform for them to interact on and build one another up in the faith.

The problem with websites that are owned by the Lost is that they do not share our visions. And although we can maybe win some people on those sites we can’t rely on them to operate our ministry through. This is one of the reasons we started messiah’s people because we were also hindered on Facebook. Granted, we don’t have all the bells and whistles that Facebook and other sites do who employ a large number of people, we have enough in place that you can post links and videos to share with others. You can start your own groups and invite your own people to join those groups period in time as more people get to know about this site it will grow even more. Already we have had quite a good number of people to join and it is growing and more groups are being established.

Let’s bind together with chords that cannot be broken to Proclaim the word of Elohim.

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