Is It Time To Leave FB?

Over the years that I have been on Facebook there have been things I have enjoyed and the best thing is when I met the woman who is now my wife. However there are many things that are causing me to consider to leave that site. I have seen a lot of misunderstanding, division among people, a lot of arrogance, not much humility, and mostly overall I see that it brings out the worst in people.

With these things in mind I think because now I have my own social networking site, video site, blog and other ministry sites I am considering leaving FB.

FB also attacking anybody that does anything seriously good on their site. Sometimes I think I have overstayed my welcome and it’s not good to be on there because of the nonsense that occurs just about every day.

Please pray for me as I make a final decision about staying or leaving. I meant the point where it is more likely that I will leave. I’m just tired of nonsense and I am much more happier on there are other members here who have left FB also because they were just tired of the nonsense also. I will be praying to seek the father’s direction on this.

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