I don’t make money here. But I have huge bills to pay and I am currently doing so out of my own pocket. I pay for my own servers and I could really use some help. If I ever receive more donations than I need, I will help others as well.

If each member donated only $5.00 per month we could pay our bills. Does that sound fair? Could you get through life on $5.00 less per month?

Thank you for reading this. I want to tell you that one person pays for all of this, the servers, and all expenses. We don’t wish to flood the site with advertisements as some sites such as fakebook does. We have chosen to operate as a member supported site although we do not require membership fees and you may have a membership here as long as you like even if you don’t donate. In the event we do not receive enough financial support from members, we will begin to place ads on the site.

We run this site on our own servers and so we do need your help to pay our expenses to make this all possible. All donations will be send to our own hosting company. Don’t worry, we will know what your donation is for when we receive it. It’s all built into the links.

We are working hard to make this site the best out of ANY and ALL social networking sites online. We hope you will agree and help us to keep this site and our servers online. We appreciate everyone who visits and joins this site because we want to be a blessing to you and everyone else.

Please consider help us, we work hard to make this happen. Do you have only $5 a month? Some people might have more, it just takes a small amount from enough people to cover our expenses. We truly hope you will take time to support this work so we can continue blessing people.

Thank you for being here.

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