We are new and growing so information will be added here as needed. For now, contact NetGuy for help.

We are sort of a cross between Facebook and Twitter. Mostly because each member has a user ID that begins with @. Mine is @netguy because my nickname is NetGuy. So if you wish to post a message that a member will receive, simply use their site ID and add the @ before it.

Notifications will appear at the top right just to the left of your name. You can use your real name on this site or a nickname.

You can add links and youtube videos in posts. This helps to enhance the experience here. Granted we don’t have all the bells and whistles, but it should be obvious that enough is in place that the site is highly functional. And I am always working on more. So hangeth in there! 🙂

You are not required to use your real name, although you can if you want to. You may use a nickname instead if you choose to.

I am working on adding the ability to add more images and memes.

If you want to write your own articles on this site, simply start a group and you can write your articles there.

You can post a website address in your status and it will appear as a link.

You can also post videos from Youtube in your status and the video will appear there. Just put the link to the video into the status.

You can use emoticons in the status such as : & ) put together to get 🙂

When you Like a post, our site saves it in a list for you that you can look at anytime.

Once we know better what member needs are we will add more information here.

About This Site

We are here to network with fellow servants of Yeshua, to unite in love and share in fellowship.