This is a social networking website for people who serve Yeshua the Messiah. We promote free speech within Biblical boundaries. We have found that Freedom within structure provides the best platform for people to be themselves hopefully without offending others. We are working all the time to improve and bring to you as much as we can. We don’t have all the bells and whistles that the large sites have, we’re much better than that. This site won’t get bogged down because of having too many programs in it or too much code. Neither do we have “jail” or any such thing. We don’t pick which of your posts we want people to see first, everything is set up so last post is first. We do not adhere to a liberal mindset, we are conservative and prefer humility.

You are free to talk about Covid and Vaccines here without fear of losing your account or having a fact checker appear on your post.

We allow writings from the canonized books of the Bible and other writings related to it such as Apocrypha, Enoch, Book of Jasher, etc.  and share them on this site. We do not support the Quran but you may use portions of it to refute its writings but not to support the Quran.

יהוה builds up Yerushalayim, He gathers the outcasts of Yisra’ĕl – He heals the broken-hearted And binds up their wounds.
Tehillim (Psalms) 147:2‭-‬3 TS2009

We are here to build up the body of Messiah. A safe place for the sheep to gather. A place to find truth and peaceful solitude online. We are brand new but growing and want to bless you. Our founder is well studied in human behavior as it pertains to the scriptural aspects and has been studying for about 25 years now with the leading of the Ruach so that he might be used in a humble fashion to build up the body of Messiah.

Not only do we operate on our own internet servers, we own the hosting company that hosts this site. How cool is that? Elohim has blessed and equipped us to also bless and equip you. Join us on this journey to everlasting life with the creator of the universe and his son Y’shua the Messiah.

Let’s come together in love and fellowship to glorify our creator. He is an awesome Elohim, don’t you agree? Let us praise and glorify his name not just with our mouth but in the very nature of our being. May he be glorified through our obedience to him and through our lifestyle.

If you have a Sabbath keeping fellowship you are invited to start a group here to let people know about it. We believe this will help others in our vicinity find fellowship with like minded believers who are seeking it. We are a resource for those who have crossed over and became Hebrew, the seed of Abraham. We are not involved in organized religion that is owned by the government, Messiah came to build a spiritual church. Not one that is registered with the governments of this world.

The Greek word in our Bible, Ekklesia used for “church” was never used to describe a physical edifice. In scripture there was never a president who was appointed to rule over the congregations. The head of the assembly is Yeshua and we are lead by the Holy Spirit. The congregation is to be lead by a Bishop and Elders, this is the biblical model.

Ekklesia is not a part of this world, nor does it submit to the ways of this world as the lukewarm, apostate churches do. Those who are Ekklesia have left the apostate church and have come out of Babylon.

Our Focus

The early congregation was marked by; the manifestation of a united ministry by which edification and the meeting of needs were accomplished through the gifts of ALL the brethren. After the apostolic era the congregation moved more and more toward a fixed representation of church offices which separates ministry from the “congregation” and limited significant ministry to the “clergy.” We are working to make more saints aware of how the early congregation operated and to expose the false teachings that many churches in our day hold to that detract from what Elohim established in the early congregation. We encourage you to study and learn with us so that you can be fulfilled in the Lord’s work in our day.

Many churches in our day are not adhering to the word of Elohim as the early congregation did and we are seeing a great falling away in our day. They put on the form of righteousness, even call themselves teachers and leaders but they are organized in incorporated churches which are lead and directed by the government rather than the Holy Spirit. Those who are truly following Christ will understand this difference. The leaders of the apostate church work to promote a name world wide and be known by many. This is a carnal mentality. The true congregation works to promote the name of Yeshua only, not a name under a 501c3, incorporated apostate church.

When you teach the truth, get ready for the apostate church to run you down. Their church leaders will not build you up or attempt to restore people, they will attack them, threaten legal action, cast false accusation. You will know them by their fruit! We’ve been accused of “taking jabs at the church.” Yep, we are! We’re hoping she’ll end up with a black eye! We mean that figuratively of course. The saints need to know the truth. The scripture tells us to expose the unfruitful works of darkness. We will continue to do this more as the apostate church raises her ugly head.

Fortunately we’ve been able to warn some people who wanted to join the apostate church. After we shared our article on Denominationalism Incorported with a pastor who wanted his credentials with the holier than thou apostate church he realized what they were about and didn’t join that church. He did register on their forums to try and share the truth with them but they are dull of hearing and refused to listen.

When we left the apostate church we took a few people with us and will continue to do so. We want people to open their eyes and come out of Babylon. The apostate church will not hear the true servants of the Lord, they do not have ears to hear or eyes to see. They are pompous leaders, full of arrogance even though they think they are humble. They are not spiritual leaders because they are not servants, they take the head and dictate doctrine. This is not the leadership Christ taught. They do not know what true humility is.

The early congregation was never involved in any “intense fund raising effort” or considered themself an “enterprise” as the apostate church of our day does. Neither was the early congregation incorporated or even had a central office. We don’t boast about the size of our membership or the work we do since the building up of the body is accomplished by Elohim and not by us. Neither do we display a photo of our president on our main page since this work is to glorify Yeshua and not any man on this earth. We put our trust in Elohim for what is accomplished since it is his work and not ours. We are simply instruments in his hands. Any time we try to do Elohim’s job, we step in his way and hinder what he is doing in the body of Christ.

The church leaders that prefer to build up an earthly name and threaten legal action against those in the body of Christ do not have the love of Elohim. Neither are they walking in righteousness because they can’t suffer wrong but in pride do they lift themselves up and work to protect an earthly name rather than the everlasting name of Yeshua. They are blind guides! Christ clearly called them a whited wall. They sit in high places even threatening legal action sometimes. We ask you, does your church have a central office? Is it 501c3 or incorporated? If so get out of it, this is the apostate church! You’ll know the false churches by this. They live in $200,000.00 homes and yet claim their church isn’t bringing in enough money. Christ didn’t even have a place to lay his head!! There are people in need yet they make a career and a business out of the church for their own profit. They are not filled with the holy Spirit. They have “vehicles” to help bring money into “their” church claiming Isaachar knew the times. They use such thinking to get people to give more money. They twist scripture for their own profit.

However, the Ekklesia is simply busy defending Elohim and building up his name rather than an earthly name. They follow Messiah only and are his true bride. Hence, the focus on this site, Messiah’s People. Join with us as we build one another up.

When a body becomes a business, what do you call that? Most call it prostitution. So I have a question for you. Is your church incorporated?

Some of the things we focus on are Love, as indicated by the first and second commandments, Sabbath keeping, living a holy lifestyle, serving Elohim, Yeshua is the WAY and we are called to live a set apart life.

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