Three Early Morning Visitors

Author: Gary Murphy – Santa Maria, California (Used by permission)

I awoke this morning around 5 am to the melody of my phone’s alarm which was rare, because I normally wake up before it goes off. I knew right then this was going to be an “off and odd” day. I made my morning java and sat in front of my desk in the other room staring at the whisps of steam rising from my cup. It was dark and cold like most mornings are here in Washington, but this was a different feeling today. For some reason I just could not get focused. Soon an hour went by and I was forced to get ready for work. Then all of a sudden a knock came at the door which surprised me because I don’t get many visitors. Curiously I opened the door, all the while wondering who would be here at such a time in the morning. The darkness was still deep outside and my porchlight never went on either. I was greeted by a dark figured shadow, as the smell of sulfur and toxic fumes filled my nostrils, terrified my ghastly guest introduced himself as THE PAST. Normally I would quickly invite visitors in and welcome them to my humble abode, this was not the case this morning. Forcefully he pushed his way in and started his evil schemes or reminding me of my failed attempts. Fear, remorse, doubt, and weakness were now biting and nipping at my bare ankles like the little demons they are, and I fell to my knees in tears and regret.

Suddenly there was a flash of light, two brightly lit beings appeared in the room. Loud voices of words I could not understand filled my ears, screams of agony and pain was all I could make out. Suddenly a strong but gentle grip lifted me from my knees and warmth enveloped me. The being introduced himself as THE PRESENT. He guided me back to my office, closed the door and sat me back in my chair. Confused about all that was happening around me, I asked, “What’s going on?” What just happened?” He again introduced himself as “The Present” and said he and his partner were here to protect and defend me. “Partner ?,” I asked. His strong muscular arm raised and his finger pointed to the door and refered to the screaming going on in the other room. He explained what was happening in the other room and why he had to remove me so quickly. He continued his explanation that his partner’s name was THE FUTURE , his job was to removed THE PAST and it’s harmful dark memories and I was obviously attacked. Had they not interceded when they had, things would have got much worse.

So as I sat in my chair in awe of such a being, listening to his story, I took in all that he said and tried to remember it as best I could so I could tell you about this. The Present went on to explain that I had made a life saving choice a while back and that he and The Future are sort of a free insurance policy that we mortals could call a “package deal.” The Past always tries to come in and attack, he viciously slashes at our inner souls and uses his many minions to distract and take us down. But by making the decision I made, I gained a source of protection. As I sat there listening to his story of why these things were happening, I learned that my circumstances can change by what my focus is in life. What my focus is, I become. If I think depressing thoughts of darkness and despair I become dark. But if I focus on light and love, I become light and love to others. Light and Dark cannot co-exist in the same space. Co-existance is man made idea. You either are or you aren’t. As my mind fully grasped this concept, the beings slowly faded and I was left to myself and my now cold coffee.

Depending on how you view your past and those that are from it, will depend on how you deal with you present day. I was actually confronted by my past this morning. It wasn’t the dark figure like I described in the above paragraphs though. My visitor from the past was, I believe, just saying hello and my mind began to race. All the what if’s jumped around and my morning exercise routine turned into jumping to conclusions.

Just a side note before I close this lil script, things are not always as they seem! Focus on the good and be good! If not, it may get ya in the end!

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